Ryan Thomas
I absolutely love this place. Great outdoor seating with an unbeatable ambience. The food is always amazing. I haven’t had one bad experience and their customer service is top notch. The menu has hit after hit with so much variety. I haven’t brought a single person here who hasn’t loved it. The ice cream is the best in Lakeland. Some of the richest stuff I’ve ever had. It’s always a pleasure to go here!
David Rothman
Super nice and friendly, great menu, I ordered a black and white milkshake reminded me of when I was a kid so creamy so delicious so authentic! I ordered a steak sandwich 6-in it was delicious ,seasoned perfectly, My compliments to the chef! I will definitely be coming back here I have found my little slice of philadelphia, The bread was so fresh and so delicious as well! Can't wait to tell my friends and family about this amazing establishment! Go there!!! You will not be disappointed! Great Job!! I will be back!!!
Lucky Collins
First of all I want to say I absolutely loved the atmosphere I experienced during my visit. The music, staging, colors, the friendly and fast service by all the servers… I could go on. I was quick to decide on the 6 inch chicken fajita sub and after the first bite I instantly wished I went with the 12inch! This was easily in the top 2 out of all the chicken fajita subs I’ve ever eaten. I ate meat and veggie till the last bite(evenly placed). There was not greasy taste or feel all while still being as moist as a fajita sub should be. I definitely recommend this restaurant for anyone who is looking for a delicious meal and is in the area!
Keyona Gennuso
First to start the food was absolutely AMAZING!!! Hot fresh and so delicious. The owner was so nice and generous of gifting select mothers a meal for 2 and I appreciate that so much!!!! The food was just amazing!! Thank you sub hub!!!!
Sue Brown
Visited with the girls. Loved the outdoor seating. The food was astonishing, loved it all. Ice cream was my favorite! We ordered so much food and shared it all. Pickles were off the chain! We will definitely be back, you earned 5 new customers..Kudos to you..word of mouth will get you far!
Trey Elam
Just ordered a Philly It was pretty great. Took a bite flavor all the way through great customer service. Thank you.
brandie grimm
Great customer service and a really awesome selection of sandwiches. Didn't get to try the ice cream but will be back for that. I definitely recommend their pressed Cuban! The half was a great size and it was loaded with quality meats <3 the Philippines was tasty and it come with mushrooms which I love as well! Recommend this spot for sure!